Danish Resources staff participating in 2012 Film festival arranged by our partner School of the 3. Age in Saint Petersburg, Russia.


Danish Resources was founded in 1967 as a non-profit, benevolent organization to deal with young citizens with serious problems such as drug-abuse and deviant behavior.

In the late 70's a line of social rehabilitation through work-training in normal work places was developed and demonstrated so good results that it more or less inspired total turn-around in the social legislation.  From passive economical assistance, wich quite often turned out to be paralyzing, to obligatory vocational training or practice as a precondition for economical assistance.

Now-a-days the organization has two main activities: The Family Project practices monotering the use of family care to children and Springboard wich trains and rehabiliates citizens with serious barriers in relation to the job-market and in respect to become self-supporting. Springboard is in close cooperation with houndreds of normal companies in and around major Copenhagen, We are the main supplier of these services in the municipality of Copenhagen.

The staff consists of approximately 80 full-time professionals mainly qualified social consultans.

Our motto is: The best for the worst-off.